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Oh! What a lovely podcast

Apr 1, 2024

What opportunities did the First World War provide for cultural tourism?

This month Angus, Jessica and Chris speak to Allison Bennett, winner of the 2023 Gail Braybon Award for her work on war-time cross-cultural sexual encounters during the First World War. Along the way we discuss #MeToo, and the post-war legacies of...

Feb 1, 2024

What happens when you turn a First World War medical process into a computer game?
This month Angus, Jessica, and Chris take control of wartime medicine in the game War Hospital. Along the way we discuss the importance of evacuation, difficult ethical decisions, and why Chris' conscience is completely clear. If...

Jan 1, 2024

What happens when you turn the French experience of the war into a cooperative game?

This month Jessica, Angus, and Chris played The Grizzled a cooperative game focused on guiding a group of French soldiers through the war. Along the way they discuss the morale boosting merits of different drinks, the difference between...